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Random Update!

Falconer02 posted Mon at 2:25

I'll make this a quick one!

First off: If you haven't already noticed, we've finally updated to 1.12! Go to a jungle and grab a parrot friend! Special thanks to Nuke and Pengi for spearheading the update! If you run into any weird glitches, please report them on the forum.

Second: BUSY summer! I over-extended myself for a teaching job this summer and it takes up a ton of my time. All of my online projects have been paused till things slow down. My current schedule (typically 9AM - 4PM, then 6PM till 10:30PM) is psychotic till around mid-August. Once that happens, one of my jobs ends and I'll have more free time. I'll make releasing TSC a priority as well as getting more events underway for the server (currently 3 Legendary events are secretly scheduled). Beyond that, not a ton to report! Stay tuned...

We hope your holiday weekend was full of fireworks, carnival rides, and greasy food! Because you all helped Legendary Larry get his perfect tan on Sunday, head on over to /Warp Market today after playing for 30 mins (new kit!) to spend your firework tokens! This only lasts today!

Larry is taking a much-needed summer vacation. He needs able-bodied mercinaries to guard him while on a beach resort! His current goal? Achieve the perfect summer tan! Unfortunately in order to do so, he is exposed on the beach and there are plenty of mob factions that want him eliminated.

Your mission? Show up and watch his back Sunday at 6:30 pm CST. $200 immediately deposited into your account if you do. Then defend him until he achieves his tan! If he lives, you will be handsomely rewarded with rare items. But that's not all! Each player will be given a monster kill-tracking sword at the beginning of the event. The player with the most kills at the end of the event will be given a special legendary from Larry! So right before you slice off that zombies head with your Poly Sword, switch to your kill tracker! If a player dies in front of you, loot his sword and use that one if it has more kills on it! You're a mercinary after all, right? Keep Larry safe! Good luck!

In other news...

TSC is still being worked on! It's probably around 75-80% completed as far as work goes on my end. Still plenty of work to do on it, but it's getting there! I had to take a week-long leave of absence from the server as I was horribly sick in June, so things seem to have slowed down a bit late last month. Due to the donator tiers being filled, we still owe you guys 2 more Legendary events in the future, so expect some fun ones to roll around this month!

Oh, and have an amazing 4th of July as well! Drop by the server for a few minutes to grab some fun things on Tuesday!


Falconer02 posted May 31, 17

You guys hit Tier 5 fairly quick this month, so that means there are going to be some fun upcoming Legendary Events! First up is Dodgeball Mania 5 on Saturday! Be there to win some great prizes! Not sure when 4:30 PM CST is for your time zone? Use this converter and put in "Chicago" for the first one and your home town for the second:

Rules? If you've played Dodgeball before, you probably know them already:

1.) No items (including food) can be brought into the arena. Catching a player with items will disqualify them from the event and they will be jailed for an hour!

2.) Winners can only win a maximum of 2 rounds. If a player wins 2 rounds, he/she can still participate, but in the event of him/her winning a third time, the prize choice will be alotted to the last player who died.

That's it! More events inbound in the near future!

Star Wars event this Saturday! Hosted by Sir Earl of Castman the VIII! The event is shaping up to be a great one so make sure you're ready to do battle!

Also I've been pretty quiet about The Server Chronicles pilot. It IS being worked on, but at a much slower pace than any previous TNA episode. The reason? I work a lot and this episode probably has the work amount of 2-3 episodes of TNA. When you see the finished product, you'll understand why. In the past I could spend anywhere between 6-12 hours per day animating on an episode, but now since my priorities have spread out, I'm lucky to animate TSC 1-2 hours a night.  So large episode + less time to work on it = longer wait time. But...I stress this again...IT WILL BE DONE! Here are some production stills of what's complete.

More to come in the future! And the last bit of news- Machinima has kindly unhid Episodes 1-22 of TNA, so you can watch the originals on Youtube again! Click the button up top to watch it, will ya?

Tank's B-Day Brawl!

Falconer02 posted Apr 12, 17

The image says it all! Enjoy the next few days! We're probably going to schedule an event for Easter Sunday if we can get everything ready for it so stay tuned...

A Legendary Mining Event!? How does that work? Simple! Legendary Larry, a mineral connoisseur of sorts, is hiring able-bodied players to dig up his land claim on the server. Apparently there's some rare form of gold there and he wants every bit of it he can get. He's providing transportation, tools, armor, and food. All you have to do is find these mineral deposits (which respawn every 5 minutes randomly) and collect as much as possible! The first one to reach 64 of these custom-gold ingots and deposit them into Larry's hands will get a Legendary Blade smelted and crafted with his refined skill!

It is dangerous though- supplies are lackluster, mobs are running amok in the caverns, and players may stab you in the back! So be careful while mining! Teaming and camping these gold deposits may work, but life might get more...difficult. Search and save up your gold quickly as the event shall only last 1 hour and 30 minutes or till whoever gets the Legendary first! Good luck!

IN OTHER NEWS...SavageMonorail has released an album he's been working on in his spare time while living in Chicago.

I recently saw these songs live and it was both hilarious and epic. Check it out!

If you end up buying the digital album and send me or another admin some proof that you did so, expect a rare custom item in your inventory!

Be on the server tomorrow at 4:30 PM CST for a Legendary Birthday Bash! We're doing large events all weekend too, and here they are-

SUNDAY @ 7:00 CST: Trivia/Loot or Junk Event hosted by Pengi!

Oh, and here's a new update video on what's going on with plenty of bad and good news!

Loot or Junk 2!

Falconer02 posted Mar 2, 17

Loot or Junk Trivia Event! 1 hour event on Saturday at 4:30! Some are epic prizes, others are dirt and junk! Some chests are a mixture of both! Be there!

February is always a dull month. It's winter, dark, and cold. It's also statistically the least-popular month as far as server-population goes! So let's get together on Valentine's (or if you're single, Single's Awareness) Day and do a fun event to warm everyone up!

The event is straight-forward: Fly through the rings Superman 64 style and gain points! Shoot the melons to gain more points! Scoring is as follows:

13 Obstacles (12 rings, 1 goal): 13 points Max
Shoot a Melon on an obstacle, get an extra point: 13 extra points Max
Total: 26 Maximum points!

1st Place: A custom Elytra will be rewarded!
Top 3: A Prize key will be rewarded!
Top 5: A special new magic item will be rewarded!
Top 8: Cupid's custom God Armor Awarded!
Participation Award: 2017 Cupid's Armor Awarded!

You get ONE CHANCE and ONE CHANCE only! No redos during the event (unless there is a global/server issue during your turn)! Pestering judges will result in a disqualification. So go practice the course at /WARP ELYTRA! An elytra will be supplied to you during your turn if you do not have one. Players who supply their own Elytra and bow will have first dibs on their turn! Good luck!