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Be on the server tomorrow at 4:30 PM CST for a Legendary Birthday Bash! We're doing large events all weekend too, and here they are-

SUNDAY @ 7:00 CST: Trivia/Loot or Junk Event hosted by Pengi!

Oh, and here's a new update video on what's going on with plenty of bad and good news!

Loot or Junk 2!

Falconer02 posted Mar 2, 17

Loot or Junk Trivia Event! 1 hour event on Saturday at 4:30! Some are epic prizes, others are dirt and junk! Some chests are a mixture of both! Be there!

February is always a dull month. It's winter, dark, and cold. It's also statistically the least-popular month as far as server-population goes! So let's get together on Valentine's (or if you're single, Single's Awareness) Day and do a fun event to warm everyone up!

The event is straight-forward: Fly through the rings Superman 64 style and gain points! Shoot the melons to gain more points! Scoring is as follows:

13 Obstacles (12 rings, 1 goal): 13 points Max
Shoot a Melon on an obstacle, get an extra point: 13 extra points Max
Total: 26 Maximum points!

1st Place: A custom Elytra will be rewarded!
Top 3: A Prize key will be rewarded!
Top 5: A special new magic item will be rewarded!
Top 8: Cupid's custom God Armor Awarded!
Participation Award: 2017 Cupid's Armor Awarded!

You get ONE CHANCE and ONE CHANCE only! No redos during the event (unless there is a global/server issue during your turn)! Pestering judges will result in a disqualification. So go practice the course at /WARP ELYTRA! An elytra will be supplied to you during your turn if you do not have one. Players who supply their own Elytra and bow will have first dibs on their turn! Good luck!

TNA Grand Prix!

Falconer02 posted Jan 24, 17

Boat Racing, Horse Racing, Ice-Boat Racing, and an Obstacle Course! Prize Keys, rares, and a Legendary will be given out to the winners! A few other prizes to the runners-up (no pun intended)! Practice your skills before the events! How will this be judged?

For each race, 1st place will get 9 points, 2nd will get 6, 3rd will get 3, and 4th will get 1. The person with the most amount of points at the end of all racing events will receive the Legendary! As long as your qualify for at least one point, you will receive a prize at the end of the event! So go practice in that zig-zagging river near your region! 4:30 PM CST! Don't forget!

TNA Pokemon Go!

Falconer02 posted Jan 10, 17

As the hilarious post-apocalyptic DZE hellhole event comes to an end, Arcaxon has been hard at work developing a new fun event for the server! He even made an informative video about it! Check it out and then read up on the info thread here-

Another major legendary event will be coming later this month along with some cool news! Stay tuned!

The pic says it all! Spread the word and be there! GREAT event for new-comers who can type relatively fast!

Just wishing you all a great rest of the day! Go enjoy the festivites with your family and friends! Hop on the server to get TONS of gear today. We hit Tier 5 of our donation goal, so Kit 5 is out along with Kitsmas Day 12! Grab them! Did you ask for a present around the tree in Townington? Have an Admin or Mod open it for ya! There are more events and animations planned through 2017, so stick around for more fun! Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Get ready for a tough event! 2 years ago, Santa-Bot 3000 was defeated by numerous mercinaries in his secret underground layer. Due to the cold, they only managed to loot 1 Legendary item from the evil robot's stash before they had to evacuate. Impenetrable ice covered all entrances...up until now. We're mounting a vertical expedition on Saturday at 4:30 PM CST AND 11:00 PM CST to recover what we can from the base. Be ready for whatever trials await!

It's time for a Holiday Writing Contest! Grab a Book 'n Quill and write a Holiday-themed story! Whether it be funny, sad, cringy, or whatever...we're looking forward to reading them! Turn in your stories into the chest at spawn once you're finished!
/Spawn, turn left, head into the room!

1) This has to be YOUR OWN work!
2) Must be AT LEAST 3 pages in a Minecraft Book 'n Quill. Publish an original copy please!
3) Story must relate to at least one of the holidays this season (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, New Years, etc).

REMEMBER! You may write about ANYTHING! Just make it pertain to the holidays. Correct grammar and spelling are appreciated.

1ST PLACE WINNER: Receives a prewrapped Christmas gift (openable on Dec. 25), a Prize Key, EarlCastmanVIII's head, and 25 Enjin Points (via coupon).

2ND PLACE WINNER: $1000 Ecocash, 15 Enjin Points (via coupon), 3 Speedermusks (Speed III potion), and a set of Poly Tools!

3RD PLACE WINNER: $500 Ecocash,10 Enjin Points (via coupon), and a Poly Bow!

Contest ends at 11:59 PM on Dec 23rd! Now go start writing!

'Tis the Season!

Falconer02 posted Dec 9, 16

As the server goes through another large update to 1.11, it's important to know we're keeping up with everything! Plugins are being updated and problems are being solved! As Christmas approaches, we will be doing more holiday-themed events! First up? Similar to our Halloween-daily-kit, we are doing the...

Every day means a new item! But that's not all! We hit Tier 3 last month, which means we have a special Legendary treat for you all...

Be there! Stick around after the event for a few rounds of high-stakes dodgeball too! More events and announcements happening soon! Also, if you have any ancient, funny, or cringy books from the server's past, PLEASE contact an OP so they can grab a copy! Thanks!