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Falconer02 posted Aug 12, 16

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! More info on the way!!!

Grab your gear! Lots of exploring, puzzle-solving, mob-fighting, potential pvp'ing, and parkour! More info here:
Good luck!

The results are finally in! Come see who won in this thread!


Falconer02 posted Jun 21, 16

Building Contest results will be out by the end of the week! More info and signup register at this link-
1kJm5Ylp-Qs Forgot to update this thread from yesterday. But yeah...the next Q+A vid! This project has been sitting in my projects folder for almos...

Your lord and savior returns to grief terrorists and counter-terrorists! Enjoy!

Forum Migration!

Altashi posted Jan 20, 16  -  ForumsMigrationNewsUsers

The old Brainforce V IPB forums have successfully been migrated over to Enjin! It'll take a few days or so to get everything settled, but for now all existing content (Minus a few threads and posts from the past few days) has been moved over and the forums are now usable! 

Regarding user data; if you registered to Enjin using the same email you used for BFV, all your data from there will now be associated with your account here. If you didn't use the same email, or if you have yet to register on Enjin, you should be able to use your BFV details to sign in.

And on a separate note; if you have yet to link your Minecraft account to Enjin, I recommend doing so in order to sync your server status with your profile here. You can link an account by heading to your profile page and using the Add a Character option there.